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Common Eye Problems


Luxation and subluxation of the lens is dislocation of the lens. The lens of the eye is held in place by a meshwork of microscopic fibers, or zonules. These fibers may be weakened or absent from disease, or damaged by injury. If there is loss of support the lens the lens may shift in position or become dislocated. This condition may require surgery if the lens becomes too unstable.

ANTERIOR SYNECHIA (sin-nee'-kia)

Anterior synechiae are adhesions of the iris and the cornea. There are many possible causes of anterior synechiae including trauma, glaucoma, cataracts, inflammation within the eye etc. These adhesions may occulde the drainage of the eye. The blockage in this angle increases the risk of glaucoma.


Posterior synechiae are adhesions formed between the iris and lens. The most common cause of posterior synechiae is ocular inflammation of any type, from disease such as iritis or trauma. These adhesions may result in an irregularly shaped pupil and/or a partial blockage of drainage of the eye. Such a blockage increases the risk of glaucoma. Efforts may be made to release these abnormal adhesions.