We try to do everything to make your experience in our office a happy one. We are dedicated to providing the finest care.

Many of you have managed care (HMOs). If you do you must obtain a referral before seeing us, otherwise, you are responsible for payment of services rendered. These medical plans only cover items of medical necessity. Others of you may have a PPO (preferred provider plan) which do not require a referral.

Many of you have VSP, which is a vision plan. VSP covers a comprehensive examination and either contact lens services or glasses services but not both. If you have VSP you probably have both a medical and vision plan – please bring information regarding both plans.

You may pre-register and save yourself time in the office. We also advise you to visit the insurance section which explains your rights under your insurance company.

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There’s more to healthy vision than just 20/20 eyesight! Learn more about symptoms of visual problems which affect reading, learning, sports and quality of life.