Taking personalization to the next level

ZEISS Progressive Individual® 2 (Patent) takes personalization into a new dimension, with two breakthrough customization technologies that allow you to meet your patients’ vision needs better than ever before. New EyeFit technology allows you to personalize ZEISS Progressive Individual® 2 for enhanced intermediate and dynamic vision or enhanced near vision, while preserving outstanding all-day, all-distance performance. New Center of Rotation Evaluation (C.O.R.E.) technology customizes lens optics for each patient’s center of rotation for superior vision off-axis.

EyeFit and C.O.R.E. technologies build on the proven customization approach of the original ZEISS Individual, winner of the OLA’s Award of Excellence in lens design.

ZEISS Progressive Individual® 2

With infinite possibilities, ZEISS Progressive Individual® 2 makes it easy to guarantee the ultimate in patient satisfaction, no matter what their needs – it’s sure to become your go-to personalized progressive.

Personalized vision care built into every lens

ZEISS Progressive Individual® 2 lets you tailor the patient’s vision experience with more personalization options than ever before:

  • NEW EyeFit Technology
    • Allows you to enhance intermediate/dynamic or near vision based on the patient’s visual profile
  • NEW C.O.R.E. Technology
    • Sharpens off-axis vision through a more accurate calculation of the patient’s optical center of rotation.
  • Full prescription customization
    • Delivers up to 50% wider fields of clear vision
  • Expanded Rx range fits more patients
    • Now offering up to -6.00D cylinder, and up to 4.00D addition power with larger diameters for greater lens cutout.
  • Precise-Form™ patented back-surface design and fabrication


Simplified dispensing

Great technology should make your life easier. With ZEISS Progressive Individual® 2, specifying the exact design your patient needs requires minimal additional effort. And no matter how you order it, ZEISS Progressive Individual® 2 delivers wide, clear viewing zones and Rx-precise lens powers that result from true personalization.

Now you can meet a broad spectrum of patient needs with just one go-to progressive lens:

  • No need to use different progressives for different fitting heights
  • No need to use multiple progressives to provide a different balance of viewing zones
  • No need to use a different progressive for challenging prescriptions

Benefits for your practice

  • Flexibility to meet the full spectrum of patient needs with one progressive lens
  • Demonstrates your commitment to personalized vision care
  • Differentiates your practice

Benefits for your patients

  • All-day wearing comfort for every visual task and every viewing distance
  • An amazing level of clarity
  • Virtually unlimited frame choices
  • Confidence that their individual needs have been taken into account

Learn more

To learn more about ZEISS Progressive Individual® 2, contact your ZEISS representative. Download the following to learn more about ZEISS Progressive Individual® 2: