For the past ten years I have been having a serious problem with my eyes. The problem was that I could not read or watch either television or movies. When I did I would get eye strain, my left eye would start fluttering, and I would get stabbing pains, followed by headaches and stiffness in my neck. You confirmed that I had a condition called Exophona. You explained to me that it was a correctable condition which could be helped by Vision Training (VT). I had never heard of VT, but I was hopeful and started coming for weekly sessions.

Within weeks, I was reading whole books. It was a miracle to be able to read again. Every day I was doing my exercises and reading book after book. I felt as if I had gotten my life back. Before VT, I had even considered learning to read Braille, because I was so desperate to read. I worked very hard and within months I was able to cure my condition.

I know that getting back my ability to read is one of the greatest gifts I could ever have hoped for. I want everyone at New York Eye Associates to know how much I appreciate you.

– Ilyse Koondel

I really believe your work with Joey has made a tremendous difference in his life. I hope you will pursue the idea of “educating” the schools and parents regarding visual perception problems. Many thanks to you (and Jennifer) for all you’ve done.


I pursued vision therapy after an educator made me aware of it. I went to an optometrist skilled in vision therapy and was given a list of at home exercises to work on with my son. His vision started to improve. When a better level of visual acuity was reached we started in-office therapy. This not only helps strengthen the weak eye, but improves the other aspects of the amblyopia syndrome. It helps train the child to use binocular vision (to use the weaker eye when the stronger eye is not patched). He is now at 20/40 with glasses.

–Iris Stern, MD FACP

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